My dream life

This is a variation of a post I made elsewhere about 9 ‘months ago. At that time the subject line was “If Money Was No Object.” The list seems much more attainable now than it did when I originally wrote it phrased as “I would if . . . even though there is far less money in my life than in the past.

  • I split my time between various locations (Madison and Orlando being the two with a possible location on the West Coast and in Austin)(this one is the biggest stretch financially)
  • I live communally in one or more of those locations
  • I serve to the greater good by working with and for non-profit groups and other social change agents to provide services with special projects (research, writing grant proposals, report preparation especially as it relates to presenting quantitative data, or re-organization/system creation)  and by helping leaders, staff, and volunteers develop tools to achieve more with less effort and fewer sticky points and stumbling blocks
  • I seek opportunities to foster connections among ideas, individuals, causes and rejoice in a role as a bridge and catalyst
  • I stay involved in teaching through adjunct or online teaching or through developing materials for courses
  • I regularly  pursue more training related to life coaching/mediation/group facilitation and work toward a practice in this area
  • I am actively involved in the local foods/sustainable local economies movements
  •  I contribute to magazines and such regarding things I value (gardening, local foods, transition towns, small town/backroads travel treasures)
  • I seek ways to encourage people to see beyond their perceived limits and find a way to do the things they want despite obstacles or limitations (for example, writing reviews of nature related places that are manageable for those who have mobility limitations)
  • I  am part of an ongoing goddess spirituality group/circle that studies and celebrates together on a regular basis
  • I actively work on improving my skills as a photographer and at least occasionally enter shows/contests or sell an image
  • I am active in disaster preparedness and recovery activities
  • I have my HAM license
  • I support causes that celebrate healthy loving relationships and families in all the forms they take
  • I invite and welcome love into my life in all its glorious manifestations
  • I live mindfully and with intent
  • I am politically active
  • I regularly wander in the woods, explore wild places, and spend time camping
  •  I make my health and well-being my number one priority
  • I seek adventures great and small and find ways to share those experiences with others
  • I create even if my creations fall far short of art (this especially in the areas of fiber arts)
  • I write poetry
  • I  take classes and learn new things for the pleasure of doing so
  • I no longer try to fade into the scenery and now embrace my quirkiness/geekhood/uppity middle-aged fat woman self (this one is still a struggle for me)

The list above gives you some idea of the places this blog may be headed though it by no means suggests all the territory that this journey might cover.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leandra
    Feb 20, 2012 @ 21:24:54

    I’m finally getting all of my fellow nomads added to my feed reader!

    I love this idea of writing out how you imagine your dream life — it makes it more concrete. Like a grocery list! Whenever I don’t write down my grocery list I inevitably forget a few things. I will have to do one of these of my own. 🙂


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