Exploring Possibilities (Part I)

As I mentioned in my last post, it is time for me to get serious about discovering the foundation for the next chapter in my life. I will finish my AmeriCorps year in about 3 months.

I spent sometime today thinking about things I enjoy. Not sure yet how these will relate to work but here is a partial list of skills I have that I enjoy using:

  • learning new things especially things that are useful;
  • synthesizing large amounts of information quickly and distilling the key points;
  • finding and fostering connections whether they are between ideas, people, or bits of information;
  • creating meaningful and rewarding experiences for others;
  • helping others learn, become more empowered, and work toward their goals;
  • problem solving, thinking strategically and/or analytically, and planning;
  • working with groups and/or as part of a team especially in roles that involve helping groups/individuals with differing views find common ground and creating a sense of shared purpose;
  •  working with both the big picture and details;
  • finding meaning in numerical information and being able to convey that information to those who don’t think quantitatively;
  • using technology effectively to achieve goals;
  • presenting information in a variety of formats including public speaking to large groups and guiding discussions;
  • being calm and fostering calmness in high pressure and emergency situations.


Not sure what job would allow me to do most of these things but at least it gives me a starting place for evaluating options.


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