The garden of me

For this metaphor to work I have to be the gardener and the garden but that also fits.

Imagine a garden that has, over the years, become overgrown with weeds and some plants pushing out others. Nearby trees have grown to a point where the garden doesn’t get quite enough light or water for all the plants there.  Sadly some plants have died but overall the garden is surviving  but it is far from thriving.

Something happens, perhaps a storm or intentional pruning, but suddenly the trees are creating less shade and demanding less from the soil. A new gardener moves in and starts clearing the weeds and thinning/moving some plants around or maybe the it is just that the old gardener is renewed and revitalized.

This new gardener also brings in new, nutrient rich soil to add to the garden. The gardener tends and edits and celebrates the treasures in the garden; she even adds a few new plants. Mother Nature helps out and provides some lovely soaking rains and the gardener helps out by watering between rainfalls.  The gardener enlists the assistance of experts to deal with some particularly challenging projects and issues (e.g., laying down some hardscape) and the gardener buys some new tools and gains some new knowledge and skills.

The garden becomes more luxurious and more colorful. Butterflies, birds, bees, dragonflies and such begin to call the garden home. Visitors stop by to share this lovely space with the gardener and sometimes they offer new ideas or insights for changes in the garden.

In my life the trees represent my work life. Madison represents the new, nutrient rich soil. The rainfall represents time with friends and in community. The weeds are my self-doubt, my perceived failures, my accumulated stuff,  my discomfort with my body and its limitations.  The expert, tools, and skills are the various things I have been learning this year and the people from whom I have been learning those things. The individual plants are the various foci, relationships, and activities in my life (for example the herbs are my spiritual path, the climbing yellow rose is my sister Sharon). Not sure what the winged creatures represent — actually as I typed those words it occurred to me that they represent my joy.  The visitors are the symbolic of opening myself to connection with others.


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