Wishcasting Wednesday

It is Wishcasting Wednesday at Jamie Ridler Studios. Today Jamie is asking:

What peace do you wish for?

My answer came easily and immediately today. The peace I wish for is peace with and within my body.  This is true both in an immediate and long-term sense.

I spent 2.5 weeks working Hurricane Sandy relief operations in New York and came home as a result of a respiratory infection. We were working 12-14 hour days, 6 days a week on top of the bug left me exhausted. Since arriving home on Sunday the coughing has been so constant that sleep is pretty much impossible for more than a few minutes at a time. I wish for the peace of easy breathing and deep sleep.

In a larger sense, I also wish for peace with and within my body. I have always been fat but it didn’t keep me from dancing, hiking, hard physical labor, etc. nor did it shape my definition of self until I injured my knee. Now I walk with a limp and I see myself in increasingly negative ways.  The number on the scale and the speed/grace with which I move have overshadowed the good things about who I am and the other numbers that are a part of who I am (my IQ, my years of education, the number of hours that I offer in volunteer service each year, the skills an experiences that I have, my commitment to a more just/inclusive/sustainable/compassionate world). I wish for the peace that would come from shifting my relationship with my physical being back to something more positive – back to a relationship where I work with what is to be healthier and happier rather than treating my physical being as the enemy. I wish for a peace within my skin that would stem the erosion of my confidence.


Wishcasting Wednesday: What do I wish to experience

It is Wishcasting Wednesday at Jamie Ridler Studios. Today Jamie asks us “What Do You Wish to Experience?” My answer, I wish to experience . . .

  • More moments of breathless awe and wonder.
  • More comfort in my own body.
  • More sore stomach muscles from laughing hard and long.
  • More vicarious successes as I help others make their dreams come true.
  • More sighs of contentment as I walk through the door of a home that is a sanctuary and haven.
  • More ah-ha moments of learning and understanding.
  • More dirt beneath my fingernails as I tend a garden of my own.
  • More hugs and kisses.
  • More opportunities to be showered in the laughter of toddlers and young children.
  • More wisdom acquired through time with elders.
  • More time with family (chosen and blood), more time with friends, and more time in community.
  • More delight and celebration of the mirabilia in my life.
  • More mindfulness and intentionality in how I spend my time, my energy, and my dollars.
  • More confidence in myself and belief in my own power and gifts
  • More time creating and offering my creations to the world.
  • More breathless moments that follow breaking through my own perceived limitations and fighting for justice, inclusivity and sustainability.
  • More in time in nature.

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish for this summer?

It is Wishcasting Wednesday at Jamie Ridler Studios and Jamie has asked, “What do you wish for this summer?”

For me, summer 2012 is already shaping up to be a summer of dreams come true. For a few years I have dreamed of moving to Madison, Wisconsin. I love the climate there. I have a circle of friends who share my values in that area. A week from tomorrow I will be moving to Madison. I have found a temporary place to live for July and August. The temporary space is lovely and an ideal launching pad for my new life. On Monday, I have an interview of a position in Madison. The position would support my wish to develop my own consulting and coaching practice. I have a lead on a place to stay staring in August. This place would come furnished as is it would be a year-long, quasi-housesitting gig. This means I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to furnish a house right away. The opportunities and connections that have been growing in my life during 2012 continue to blossom and bear fruit. I continue to learn more about myself, to gain confidence, and to dream bigger.

My wishes for this summer are that the wonderful trends in my life continue, that I live up to my commitment to myself to focus on my physical well-being, that I continue to be grateful and enchanted by the developments in my life.

So what do you wish for this summer?

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish would spring into your life?

Each week Jamie Ridler hosts a magic circle known as Wishcasting Wednesday. This week she asks, “What do you wish would spring into your life?

The answer to this one is easy for me. I wish for spring to bring a blossoming of energy in my life. There are so many things I want to be accomplishing but find that exhaustion is getting in the way.

After I returned from Afghanistan last summer, I worked Hurricane Relief operations in New York and logged more than 300 hours in 24 days. The combination of the culture shock of returning to the US and the disaster relief operations left me exhausted. Nothing I have done seems to have cleared away the fatigue.  Thus I wish for energy. Energy to build my business, to work on writing, to learn new things, to give more to the world, and to celebrate the changing seasons.

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do I wish for my future?

Sometimes the universe thumps you on the head, sometimes it provides wind to fill your sails and speed you toward your desired destination, and sometimes it asks you to answer the hard questions. This morning it is doing a bit of all of these. The bottom line of the message is that I need to stop considering all the possibilities and focus on what my inner wisdom is trying to tell me, how I want to my life, and how I want to shape my future. I was settling down to journal about what I want most when I remembered that it it Wednesday and therefore time to Wischast with the tribe at Jamie Ridler Studios.  Serendipity was at my side and giving me a gentle kick in the butt and a kiss on the forehead. So here goes. For my future I wish for:

  • I wish for more ease of movement, more energy, to return to a state of better health/fitness, and to find more pleasure in my body. I wish for this as an end in itself and as a means to many ends. I want to be able to take to the streets in protest for good causes. I want to be able to give more as I work for the greater good. I want to wander farther from the beaten path to explore new things, photograph beauty and struggle, and connect with nature. My current lack of health and fitness is making me pretty nervous at the moment and I am ignoring so pretty strong signs that something is wrong. My physical self is the limiting factor in how I live my life. Time to change.
  • I wish for resources and support that will help me find my voice and claim my power.  I want to stop holding myself back from offering all that I can to the world. I want to stop listening to the voice that asks me whether I am even worthy of a continued existence. I am tired of feeling like a failure even when I intellectually know that most others don’t see me as such. I wish to see in myself more of what others see in me. I wish to banish the thoughts that I allow toward myself but would never stand by and let a friend express without challenge. Allowing the negative thoughts to control my life is irresponsible and cowardly. I believe that I have an obligation to give all that I can in service and it is time that I start living up to that responsibility.
  • I wish for more time with the people I love and a community of kindred spirits that is part of my physical as well as online world.
  • I wish for a renewed connection with nature and with my spiritual life.
  • I wish for a professional path that involves working for the greater good, intellectual challenges, support and room for continued personal growth, and financial rewards that support a life that supports me in a way that allows me to live my values.
  • I wish for a home that is a haven for me and a welcoming space for others.
  • I wish for more confidence because choosing and comfort in the presence of strangers. To be a hermit because I like my own company is one thing but increasingly my hermit time stems from being uncomfortable and anxious in the world. You can’t work to change the world by hiding from it so time to change.
  • I wish to get back to noticing and celebrating beauty and mirablia. For starters, it is time to start taking photos again.
  • My wish is that the universe and those who I encounter continue to challenge and inspire me to make these wishes a reality.

Wishcasting Wednesday

It is Wishcasting Wednesday at Jamie Ridler Studios. This week Jamie ask “How do you wish to spend your time?” or put another way and in the words of Mary Oliver what do I wish to do with my “one wild and precious life?”A few days ago I made a post about my dream life, I wish to spend my time in ways that make those dreams manifest.

  • I wish  to be intimately acquainted with nature. I wish to engage in an ongoing treasure hunt for signs of the shifting seasons – to seek the first blossoms of spring as children seek Easter eggs, to marvel at fireflies on summer evenings, and to savor the plesures of each season in its turn. I want to gaze in wonder at the stars and chart the lunar cycles.
  • I wish to continually learn and to teach in ways both formal and informal.
  • I wish to support good causes, independent artists, and small businesses with my minutes as well as my dollars.
  • I wish to interact with others in ways that lead them to make connections and to push beyond their expectations.
  • I wish to sleep deeply and to laugh often.
  • I wish to create, to write, and to wander with my camera.
  • Mostly, I wish to live each moment as fully as possible and in accordance with my deepest values. Then when that moment has passed, I wish to move on to be fully in the new moment.

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to attract?

It is Wishcasting Wednesday at Jamie Ridler Studios and today we are wishing for things we wish to attract.

Many of the things that I wish to attract are becoming more and more a part of my life but it never hurts to have more of them.  So it is my wish that I attract more:

  • Mirabilia and the awareness of and openness to the small miracles, modest astonishment, friendly shocks, events that inspire wonder, inexplicable joys, changes that inspire quiet awe, eccentric enchantments, unplanned jubilation, sudden deliverance from boring evils. (Words borrowed from Pronoia and Rob Brezsny). Within this category I include great hugs and moments of sacred silliness.
  • Opportunities to make a difference — I want to attract the right opportunities to make a difference. The opportunities that best use my talents and help me develop new skills. The opportunities that provide fuel for doing more rather than draining my energy. The opportunities that empower others to be more resilient and independent in the future. The opportunities that help others work for the greater good.
  • Kindred Spirits — I wish to attract  connections with other edgewalkers, ethicureans, scanners/renaissance souls, world citizens, pronoiacs, ivory tower escapees, geeks, teachers, idealists, and other folks who are weaving lives filled with passion, possibilities, and empowerment. It is my wish that this includes geographically close ties as well as those online.
  • Resources and the means to support working for the greater good — In one episode of Babylon 5, Delenn explains that among the Minbari those who wish to serve others with their gifts are cared for and supported in their efforts. Sadly in our society that is not the pattern.  As the flight attendants will tell you, one should put on their own oxygen mask before helping others. Therefore, I wish to attract resources and means to earn income that support my wish to serve by allowing me to meet my needs and desires for fully.

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